A Little Something Extra

XTend lives inside of and extends your Oracle PeopleSoft application to create limitless types of fluid forms and surveys for your organization.  Installation and deployment are a breeze.  You can be up and running with XTend in a short period of time.

Rapidly Create Forms/Surveys 

In today’s world, communication is sometimes better achieved with videos and images, combined with verbiage that suits your individual situation.  As you design your form/survey, you can immediately test each new scenario in a fluid responsive page to ensure you are obtaining the desired look and feel.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Requests (or questions) combine the power of video, images, and free form text, along with survey style Likert Scales, to initiate almost any type of communication imaginable. Responses (or answers) offer the flexibility to be combined with reusable lists to generate a variety of single or multiple selection options. 

Customized Experience

Forms/Surveys are created by linking Requests with Responses in the desired order. Simple designs will consist of a single question/answer combination. Other scenarios may group multiple combinations or require the use of conditional logic to drive the flow. 

Taking it a step further!

Xtend can be configured as a delivered Peoplesoft Related Action, launching your form/survey in the context of the page transaction it was initiated from.

Incorporating Workflow

Forms/Surveys can easily be configured with multiple workflow options, including Peoplesoft’s Approval Workflow Engine (AWE), as well as Adobe Acrobat Sign for approvals outside your organization.