Campus Complete ™

Lagniappe has developed a Campus Complete product line, to help improve your PeopleSoft Campus Solutions experience.  Some of our products provide functionality that isn't delivered, while other products add improved productivity using a blend of delivered and custom functionality.  To give you that “little something extra”, many of our applications are built upon a reusable framework, that can be leveraged by your team to simplify the development of additional functionality.

Our Applications

Fluid Course & Teacher Evaluations

Our Fluid Course & Teacher Evaluation solution is built within PeopleSoft using our Survey & Form Design tool, which was designed with configurability and flexibility in mind.  Like all of our student-facing solutions, our Course & Teacher Evaluation solution leverages the latest fluid technology, which allows us to achieve an experience that is well branded, responsive and ADA compliant.

3Cs Express

Our 3Cs Express solution makes creating 3Cs a breeze.  No need to create a run control for each 3C Engine and Commgen process.  Our 3Cs Express solution allows you to create as many 3C Events, Communications, Checklists, and Comments from a single run control page.  And since Commgen is built into this solution, 3C Express is a one-stop-shop for all of your 3C needs.  The 3Cs Express solution was built using our Pop-Multi  Framework,  which is one of the tools that is delivered with this feature.  

Dynamic Advisor Assignments

Imagine being able to adjust your advising assignments automatically based on simple criteria you supply. Load balancing assignments for individuals within an advising role, or ensuring students are able to continue with an advisor they have built rapport with. Our Dynamic Advisor Assignments feature allows you to keep your students connected with the right advisor at all points in their educational journey.

Transfer-2-Post Dashboard

Transcripts received but stuck somewhere in the process of awarding credit? Our Transfer-2-Post Dashboard will keep you up to date on the status of each incoming course on a student's transcript. Workflow style processing will continually attempt to move the courses through External Education, Course Equivalency, and Posting credit. Add or update a single rule and watch it move all affected transcripts forward toward awarding credit.

Service Indicator Express

Our Service Indicator Express solution makes assigning and removing service indicators a breeze.  No need to create individual run control for each service indicator assign or remove process.  The advanced reporting feature allows back-office staff to verify the process results to ensure service indicators are being applied and removed as expected. The Service Indicator Express solution was built using our Pop-Multi  Framework,  which is one of the tools that is delivered with this feature.  


Our Tools

Survey & Form Design Tool

Our Survey & Form Design Tool can be used to create limitless types of surveys and forms for your University. The configurable nature of this tool puts the power in the hands of the end-user, not the developer, which allows you to achieve the exact experience you are looking for. The Survey & Form Design Tool is delivered with the purchase of any of our survey or form products, or it can be purchased separately and used to create your own surveys or forms.  Also included with this tool is a reporting dashboard to analyze the results of surveys and forms.

Pop-Multi Framework

Our Pop-Select Multi Framework extends PeopleSoft’s delivered Population Selection (Pop-Select) application package library. Unlike the delivered Pop-Select framework, which only allows for a single Pop-Select instance for a given run control page, our framework allows unlimited Pop-Select instances to be called from a single run control page. Allowing users to run multiple Pop-Selects from a single run control eliminates the need for multiple run controls and reduces run control maintenance.