A Little Something Extra

3Cs Express™

3Cs Express

Tired of trying to manage hundreds of 3Cs run control pages? Not sure if your 3Cs processing was successful or what actually was processed? Our 3Cs Express solution allows you to manage all of your 3Cs processing from a single run control page.  Our 3Cs Express Solution is built on our Pop-Multi framework which allows for unlimited Pop-Selects from a single run control page.

Single Run Control for all your 3Cs

Oracle PeopleSoft's delivered 3Cs processing requires users to create a unique 3C Engine run control for each 3C Event.  Some functional areas, like Financial Aid and Admissions, have a significant number of 3C Events, each of which requires a user to both create and maintain a run control for each 3C Event. As we all know when a term or aid year roll-over needs to happen, maintaining these run controls can be cumbersome, and sometimes run controls are missed as a result.  With 3Cs Express, all of your 3Cs processes are located in one location, making maintenance a breeze!

Query & Equation Prompts in plain sight

The days of clicking into hundreds of “Edit Prompts” links to determine the prompt values are over!!  With 3Cs Express the prompt values are in plain sight, allowing you to quickly verify that they are set correctly.  This “in plain sight” approach is also used with other 3Cs Express run control settings, like 3Cs Dup Check and Commgen Settings. 

Term and Aid Year Rollover made easy

Providing a simplified run control to create 3Cs wouldn't be a complete solution without also providing a simple way of maintaining the run control Query & Equation prompt values.  Whether you need to update your prompts for a term or aid year rollover, the Update Query Prompts and Update Equation Prompts links, allow you to update all of your prompt values with a simple click of a button.

3Cs Express Reporting Dashboard

Our 3C Express Reporting Dashboard provides both summary and detail 3Cs Express process results.

Additional Features

In addition to the functionality described above, here are some additional features that make 3Cs Express even better.

  • 3Cs Express Templates allow you to easily create new run control pages.
  • Automated Commgen Run Control creation with Event Mappings and 3Cs Commgen Templates
  • Integration with our Simple Message Center solution