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Fluid Online Admissions Application

An Online Admissions Application (OLA) is the front door to your University, and it is oftentimes the first online experience that a potential student will have with your University. Oracle doesn't deliver an OLA with its PeopleSoft Campus Solution product, and as a result, numerous third-party and home-grown applications have been created to try to fill this void.  These applications have missed the mark for many reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. Not Mobile Friendly
  2. Not ADA Compliant
  3. Not Real-Time
  4. Don't reflect the University Brand

The question is: “How can something so important have been an afterthought for so many years?” And the simple answer is: “It can't.” 

As enrollment numbers trend downward, Universities find themselves in a position where they have to compete for students.  There is no better place to start this competition than at the beginning of the Student Lifecycle.  Lagniappe Software's Fluid OLA will give applicants that great “first impression” you are looking for.  Our OLA is fully integrated with PeopleSoft's delivered business logic because our solution lives within your PeopleSoft system.

Why PeopleSoft Fluid?

Our Fluid Online Admissions Application utilizes PeopleSoft’s Fluid technology, Admissions Applications Web Services (AAWS), Constituent Transaction Management (CTM) framework, and New User Registration (NUR) framework. The marriage of these delivered technologies results in your applicant data seamlessly integrating into your Campus Solutions product. Because our Online Admissions Application lives within your PeopleSoft instance, the applicant data will be available in real-time.


Applicant data lives is PeopleSoft.

Delivered Framework

Delivered Fluid, AAWS, CTM, and NUR Framework.


Reflects the true Branding of your University.


Don't limit yourself.  Create the experience you want.

Login & New User Registration

Our Login and New User Registration utilizes Peoplesoft's delivered New User Registration (NUR) framework.  This framework is used to create new applicant accounts and control access to your PeopleSoft system. The NUR utilizes delivered search-match functionality and can be connected to your authorization server and identity provider software to minimize the creation of duplicate accounts.

OLA Login

Applicant Dashboard

Our Admissions Applicant Dashboard can be used by the applicant to track the status of their applications.  It can also be used as a launch point to begin a new application.

Online Admissions Application

OLA Dashboard

Guided Program Selection Improves Student Success

Our Guided Program Selection methodology helps the applicant target a program that aligns with their career goals, thereby improving the student's chances for success at your University.

Educational Goals

Application Data Posted Real-Time

Because our OLA lives within your PeopleSoft environment, data is always available in real-time.  The majority of third-party OLAs require nightly batching of applicant data before your Admissions Office knows that that person even exists.


Want to see more?

If you are interested in learning more about our Fluid OLA, press the “Schedule a Demo” button to fill out our email contact form.  Someone from our team will reach out to you and schedule a full demo of our OLA.