A Little Something Extra

Pop-Multi Framework


PeopleSoft's Population Selection (Pop-Select) Framework revolutionized and standardized how a population of IDs is selected for processing.  With this framework, Oracle also enabled existing processes to take advantage of this new functionality, like 3C Engine and Service Indicator Mass Assign  & Release.  The introduction of this new technology has empowered end-users by giving them more control over the population selected by using functional tools, like Query and Equation Engine, to build the exact criteria needed to target a specific population.  Pop-Select also improved the accuracy of selecting a population, because users can run the Query or Equation that will be used prior to running the process.  To make this verification even easier, Oracle has included a Preview link on the Pop-Select run controls, allowing users to preview the selected population prior to running the process.

Pop-Select was a great first step by Oracle to put more control in the hands of back-office staff, but it failed to address the issue of productivity and automation. Operational team members or back-office staff still lack an effective way to manage hundreds of Pop-Select run controls, especially during periods of term or aid-year rollover which require mass updating of these run controls.

Our Pop-Multi Framework solves this maintenance problem by allowing run control pages to be built with unlimited instances of Pop-Select.  Solutions built by Lagniappe, or by your development team, allows users to create fewer run control pages, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance.  In addition to fewer run controls, our Query and Equation Update Prompt functionality allows end-users to roll-over term and aid year prompt values with a simple click of a button.

3C Express Run Control

Lagniappe's Pop-Multi Framework is an extension of PeopleSoft's delivered Pop-Multi Framework.  Extending and modeling our solutions after the delivered Pop-Multi Framework, allows us to utilize all of the delivered Pop-Select configuration pages.  Also, because our solution is an extension of the delivered Pop-Select, any of your developers who have experience implementing custom Pop-Select solutions will have no problem creating new solutions with our Pop-Multi Framework or converting existing Pop-Selects to Pop-Multis.