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Trained by Product Experts

Have you ever taken a course where the instructor has responded to a question with “Let me check and get back to you”? The reason why this happens so frequently is that most courses are taught by professional instructors who have very little real word experience.  At Lagniappe, our instructors are all seasoned consultants who only teach classes in the areas that they are experts in.  Having instructors that are product experts leads to deeper conversations about the subject being taught, which in turn leads to our students having a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Training Classes Offered

Lagniappe offers training for both functional and technical audiences.  Whatever the subject is, we either have a course or will create a course tailored to meet your needs.  In addition to our courses, we also have a series of workshops that can be used to build upon course learnings, and provide more hands-on experience using the knowledge gained from the course.

Training Services

Training Services

Customer Testimonials

Carlos Varona
“It was great working with Robert in the planning and development of a PeopleSoft Fluid course for our developers. From the start we provided an overview of what we were looking for and Robert was able to cater and customize the course to our PeopleSoft developers.  All the materials and content were developed and delivered by Robert over several days, in modules that covered all the necessary information to begin Fluid development.  He even provided some tips and tricks, and workarounds, that were invaluable to understanding the material and our transition to a new user interface.”
Carlos E. Varona
Assistant Vice President
Enterprise Applications & Web Services
Division of Information Technology
Florida International University