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Alliance 2020
Alliance 2020

Alliance 2020 – Fluid Product Giveaway

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Philadelphia at Alliance 2020. Lagniappe will be giving away some free fluid products as part of our company launch. The two items that we will be giving away are (1) Student Homepage Additional Links Tile, and (2) an Enrollment Appointment Tile.  These dynamic tiles provide functionality that is missing from the fluid student homepage.

The Additional Links Tile is a dynamic tile that contains all of the logic from the classic student center page.  This tile allows students to easily navigate to their additional links right from the face of the tile.  Becuase this tile uses all the same logic as the classic additional links sub-page, no additional setup is needed.

Much like the Additional Links Tile, the Enrollment Appointment Tile also uses the same business logic as the enrollment appointments displayed on the classic student center.  The tile will display the enrollment appointment on the face of the tile, and selecting the tile will take the student to the classic enrollment appointment page.  There is custom CSS also delivered with this tile, to hide delivered classic elements that would lead you back to classic pages or classic student center.

See you in Philadelphia!

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