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Company Launch

Company Launch!

Company Launch!

We are officially announcing the launch of our company on LinkedIn! Lagniappe will be giving away a Fluid Tile Pack to everyone who follows us on LinkedIn. The Fluid Tile Pack contains two items, (1) Student Homepage Additional Links Tile, and (2) an Enrollment Appointment Tile.  These dynamic tiles provide functionality that is missing from the fluid student homepage.


Product Overview

This free version of Lagniappe’s Fluid Tile-Pack product contains two tiles, an Additional Links Tile, and an Enrollment Dates Tile.  The Enrollment Dates Tile comes delivered with a custom fluid Enrollment Appointment Component, which provides missing functionality that was available from Classic Student Center but isn’t delivered as part of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions fluid content.

Fluid Tile-Pack

Key Benefits

Increased Awareness

The Lagniappe Enrollment Dates Tile will improve your student experience, by providing the student with immediate information regarding their enrollment window.  Having this information available at the Student Homepage will give the student the best opportunity to begin their enrollment process as early as possible, which will in turn give them the best chance of being able to register for the classes they want.

Increased Awareness

The Lagniappe Additional Links Tile uses the delivered Student Center Additional Links setup, to provide immediate visibility into important links that you don’t want buried behind a Tile.  Having the Additional Links Tile on your Student Homepage will ensure that links to important information are readily available, and students won’t have to go on an Easter egg hunt to find them.

Increased Awareness 2
Improved User Experience

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions product comes with a great deal of delivered fluid content.  This fluid content has improved the student experience by providing students with a more modern interface that is both mobile-friendly and ADA compliant.  Although the fluid content has made a huge impact on the student experience, there are still some key pieces of student-facing functionality that haven’t been converted or will never be converted to fluid.  Some Universities have accounted for this by using a mix of classic and fluid content behind their fluid Tiles, while other Universities have decided to only use fluid content and live without key pieces of functionality that are only available in classic.

Lagniappe’s Fluid Enrollment Appointment solution is a replacement for PeopleSoft’s classic counterpart.  The business logic behind our solution uses all the same setup and application tables as the classic version that Oracle delivers.  To ensure that your students have a consistent experience, we have designed our fluid content using the same styling methods that Oracle uses in their fluid content.

User Experience

To further improve the student experience, our solution is integrated with the delivered Manage Classes Tile.  Pressing the Shopping Cart button will open the fluid Manage Classes Tile, with the Shopping Cart navigation item selected.  Pressing the Add Classes button will open the fluid Manage Classes Tile, with the Class Search and Enroll navigation item selected.

Follow us on LinkedIn to get the free Fluid Tile Pack! https://www.linkedin.com/company/lagniappe-software/

Sustainability Summit

Beyond The Summit – Enrollment Sustainability

December 10, 2020 Watch Curt and Ron’s presentation on The Pulse of the Student in a Modern Campus at the link below! https://fortress.qwilr.com/Beyond-the-Summit-Enrollment-Sustainability-Pulse-of-the-Student-in-a-Modern-Campus-bRqpFMcBR3G8

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